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TNTdinar Update  Tuesday Evening

TNT TONY - This is what I told you guys early this morning:

Guys I wanted to spare you the crazy ride I was on today, so I waited to the very end and then some.

I was told several times today that it was on and then several times that it has been delayed until morning. Bank personnel were sent home at about 6pm est and were told to be on standby to return.
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  About 9pm they were told to be prepared to come in at 7am and to be ready to work on currency exchange. I know that there were several meetings and that a lot of money changed hands today, to come to an agreement.

We can continue to look for the RV either tommorrow or Wednesday. Everything is in place to do this tomorrow, but we shall see.

It doesn't look like much has changed, but the entire situation has changed.

Every single source that I talked to today said that they received the same information.....

The RV was finalized at 11pm last night. Bankers came in at 7am and they were told that the rates were live and that the currency exchange would start when the doors opened, (we can see that didn't happen).

They then were instructed that the time had been moved to after 3pm est, that didn't happen and now we are being told look for it tomorrow.

Now, while this may sound like bad news to you, or that they have just been given the run around all day, I don't look at it that way.

I look at it like this......RV finalized....(a lot of money was paid last night to make this happen)......Final Rates agreed to.....

The rate in the meeting is the same rate that is now showing on multiple banks screens across the country.....without a hold placed on it.

The final piece to the puzzle is that the UN requested a 24 hr hold before making it public. This was to see the reaction of the markets and the global economy to the shut down of the U.S. government. Now we wait............TNT TONY

10/01/2013 8:21pm

Sounds good

10/01/2013 8:25pm

Music to my ears Tony! Looking forward to your call tomorrow, or shall I say...ANOUNCEMENT!!

Go RV!

10/01/2013 8:28pm

Arrrrgggghhhhh! Everybody's doing the best they can, but it is sooooo hard waiting for Santa to come down that chimney!

10/01/2013 8:50pm

Still riding the waves with you Tony! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

10/01/2013 8:51pm

Thank you for the info Tony, your record speaks for its self!

10/01/2013 8:55pm

Thanks Tony. Looking forward to your call in the AM............the saga continues.

10/01/2013 10:35pm

Tony, I don't know what I'd do without you. Your like an old friend that brings me back when I lose all hope. So many thanks I send your way. You and your team? ... "IMPRESSIVE!" :) Smiles, Pamela

10/01/2013 10:46pm

So?!? Tomorrow then ?!? If am reading it correctly

10/02/2013 2:30am

I am no biblical scholar, superstar, nor pastor, preacher or "Father". I am a fellow believer, and Dinarian that struggles daily with all of this "stuff". But I believe deeply in the power of prayer, and I have witnessed many indisputable miracles in my life, and I am compelled to share this feeling...wish I could say "message" but I am acting on the instinct following a gut reaction I believe to be beyond my own instinct and am guessing at best as to the origin of this feeling.

The true and only name for every day of the week is "Tomorrow". This has been demonstrated daily for the past 10 years apparently on all Dinar related websites, including DR.

There is always hope and always a 7 day calendar. Stay focused on your requirements of honoring your daily commitments. Don't give up on hope.

But realize "Hopium" will not get it done any sooner than it is meant to happen.h Things (people) at rest, stay at rest. Things (people) in motion, stay in motion.

Remember that you live today as you did yesterday and the days before still
on plan A, Not PLAN B.

But until then, stay focused on today...not tomorrow.

Scripture tells us to pray first with thanksgiving. Then to acknowledge the word and it's instructing to diligently serve, discern, and offer up our lessons in service to our Lord and the glory of God, and the benefit and growth of ALL OF MAN...starting with our immediate neighbors and working outward from there.

And we are all blessed to be able to do it in our own little way...every day.

Against initial desires and my basic thoughts, I believe this means literally in a geographical sense in the same instruction as in the family first instruction. For what can happen first, according to His instruction? The quickest path between two points is from a to b, b to c, c to d, etc.

Gods's Word then says to voice our prayers, wants, needs, etc. to him...note specifically to VOICE it (to make it real - to demonstrate that you believe it to be real), then to acknowledge that all things are possible through Christ, and only through Christ. Christ is the bridge to God that God sacrificially put here on earth to bare the pain of change that only God himself could bare...that no man on earth could bare...but that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as our renowned Holy Trinity only could bare, to the glory of his word (promise to himself and to his creation of Man that what sin had caused separation that could never allow Man to see the face of God, God would provide His Son, the sacrificial lamb as not only the payment for ALL sinners debt of sin but that His bridge would be completed consequently so that God and Man would once again have direct communion together, through Jesus Christ. No man goes to the Father but through Christ.

But more than that...we are directed to declare our willingness and capabilities to churn the dirt, toil the fields - to do the labors and the works that Jesus shows us needs be done, and leave the prayers and worries to Him, for their outcomes, having only faith that God will deliver.

We all should know this in our hearts by now. Our posts and various words seem to allude to this but do not honor our first offering of thanks giving. Let's revisit daily the depth of our prayers offered up for beyond our dwelling and hearts, and more to the needs of our fellow man.

Let us not seek the paths of the forced politics our choices leave plainly before us, but those paths that acknowledge a basic principal of promise made in as simple terms as a guess, a gesture, or a hope, that what we say we should, could, would, or will do as being foretold by the truth we all sense daily, as we lack the reality of sight that should by now be before us.

So then a simple promise from me to God through Jesus: thank you for the blessings you continue to bring upon me. Thank you for loving me, my loved ones, and my friends and fellow neighbors

I pray for opportunities to plant and sow seeds through my labors promised, in the tilling of your soils, the planting of your seeds, and the harvesting of the fruits of my labors, in full faith of the highest results yield-able according to your promise to bless us with the fullest of provisions as a result of both our faith in you, and willing ness to do the work for and in love of your holy name.

I therefor according to your instruction lay my burden down at the foot of your cross, and promise to honor my faith in you to do the rest.

Meanwhile, I refuse to sit idly by why the news that seems to stay the same compels me to do something different. I simply struggle to know what that is.

Meanwhile, I lose sight of ASN, AMN, ADN, etc. and just focus on today for today, and tomorrow for tomorrow. I simply honor the daily work schedule I have been committed to while living in motion my plan least for today and tomorrow.

May God bless and keep you on His side of Hope: TRUE NORTH!

10/01/2013 10:48pm

Man! Rollercoaster ride doesn't begin to describe what we're on! Hangin' on in TN!

10/01/2013 10:49pm

Better have my telephone number memorized! :D

Jimmy McBride
10/01/2013 11:15pm

Tony , you do have the best info for the people and I'm thankful for that. God bless you and your family. In Jesus name, thank you for our blessings. Jimmy Mcbride !!!

karl f
10/01/2013 11:23pm

TONY you are the best thank you for every thing

10/01/2013 11:57pm

Tony, You're a class act in a tuxedo wearing jeans. The everyday man every man is pleased to call friend. Thanks for all you do!

10/02/2013 1:39am

BIg Hug SperFantastic Tony
Thank you for this news, I can go get some rest now.
WOW is it really happening?

Chris D
10/02/2013 3:39am

These bank personel have got to be sick of waiting around all day for this to happen. Their only purpose is to aid in the exchange process right? I take it they are not the standard banker considering the unorthodox last minute communication of when they work and wh leave.

Lennie Pace McQ
10/02/2013 10:59am

You're post are always very insightful and encouraging. Thank you

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